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I am a Helsinki-based scholar, born 1972 – and writer. I work as Principal Lecturer (a life-long honorary track position, based on distinguished teaching merits) at Aalto University’s school of ARTS, at the Department of Art and Media, where I teach MA and doctoral students. One could call me a generalist, and, yes, I feel a bit homeless in every field, but if I had to choose 6 tags for my scholarly work, they would (in this order) be aesthetics, philosophy, cultural studies, art research, film studies, and idea history. But I am also interested in e.g. heritage, body philosophy, excess, kitsch, popular culture and rap music.

I have professional history in performing arts, gallery management (ROR Gallery, Kallio Kunsthalle, Gallery KLEIN), critique, essays, fiction and art writing (e.g. Kunstkritikk, Flash Art, Art Pulse) – with some sporadic takes also on e.g. food (see a note on my still quite fresh food book Mechelinin tähtiä, in Finnish).

Theoretically or methodologically speaking, I work in the crossroads of (German) phenomenology, Italian hermeneutics, the Frankfurt School, pragmatist aesthetics, echoes of the Birmingham School of cultural studies, East European semiotics  and Indian philosophy – without forgetting the ‘queminist’, race and class sensitive touch that quite naturally lands in nearly every text, echoing my background: I am not from the middle class and my immigrant childhood in ‘multicultural’ environments like Rinkeby Stockholm (working class cosmopolitanism) left traces.

Especially my book On The Philosophy of Central European Art: The History of an Institution and its Global Competitors (Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield 2020), an introduction to the birth and development of the concept of art and the art system in Central Europe, its global outreach through colonialism and diaspora – including an analysis of the way highbow art has appropriated‘ folk’ art and popular culture – has a societal outreach. My latest book, Bodily Engagements with Film, Images and Tech: Somavision (Routledge, 2022) is a journey into film, social media, photo documentation and other contemporary media practices from the point of view of the soma (body-mind). Fall 2023 Routledge published mine and Jozef Kovalcik’s A Philosophy of Cultural Scenes in Art and Popular Culture, which is about scenes, i.e. rap scenes, theater scenes and music scenes, and what they are, culturally and aesthetically speaking. My next book, Realism, Myth, and the Vernacular in Pasolini’s Film and Philosophy: Beyond the Middle Class Matrix, which will be published by Palgrave August 2024, is on the societal, philosophical, one could say nearly ‘aesthetic’ side of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s lifework. Right now I am preparing my book about the aesthetics of martial arts (and martial arts movies) and editing a book on Gianni Vattimo’s philosophy (more on this soon).

Lately I have also e.g. edited the  volumes Art, Excess, and Education (Palgrave 2019; with Kevin Tavin and Mira Kallio-Tavin) and Aesthetics in Dialogue (Peter Lang 2019; with Zoltan Somhegyi). Aesthetics Perspectives on Culture, Politics, Landscape: Appearance of the Political, co-edited with Elisabetta Di Stefano and Carsten Friberg came out summer 2022 (Springer, June 2022), as well as Cultural Approaches to Disgust and the Visceral (Routledge, co-edited with Susanne Ylönen and Heidi Kosonen, August 2022). The Changing Meaning of Kitsch, which I edited with Paco Barragan, was published February 2023. 2023 I also published with Zoltan Somhegyi (eds.) Aesthetic Theory Across The Disciplines (Rowman and Littlefield).

Topic-wise I have worked on e.g. film, moving image, contemporary art, body philosophy, appropriation, urban aesthetics, architectural heritage, disgust, aesthetic experience, media, pop, kitsch, rasa theory and critical perspectives on the art system art. Lately I seem to have been drifting also into more general questions in philosophy (robotics, Marxism). As a reader, right now, I am very much into philosophical thinking in e.g. Sufism, ancient India, pre-modern Japan and the (geographical, linguistic, educational) European margins.

I am PhD in aesthetics from the University of Helsinki (2009). As adjunct professor (docent) of aesthetics in the same university, of aesthetic culture at the University of Eastern Finland, and of popular culture and contemporary aesthetics at Jyväskylä University, and ex Chair of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics (2014-2018), ex member of the board of the International Association of Aesthetics (2014-2018), and now member of the board of the Nordic Society for Aesthetics, I have naturally published articles on ‘pure’ philosophy of art, e.g. in journals like Contemporary Aesthetics (another one here, one here too), Nordic Journal of AestheticsJournal of Somaesthetics and Terra Aesthetica, but most of my work is still semi-practical, essayistic or something which you could refer to as applied aesthetics or extended aesthetics, which extends aesthetics into other fields. I mainly like publishing books, taking on a topic holistically, and journals serve more as platforms In Finnish I have published essay books (on ice hockey and film) and in art magazines (Filmihullu, Art Pulse, Flash Art, Atlantica Internacional, Kunstkritikk) I have published philosophical interviews and theoretical essays.

I am the (founder and) editor-in-chief of Popular Inquiry: The Journal of Kitsch, Camp and Mass Culture together with Jozef Kovalcik. With Richard Shusterman and Falk Heinrich I was 3 years the editor of The Journal of Somaesthetics, and I still continue on the advisory board of the journal. I am also on the international advisory board of ESPES, The Journal of Global Popular Culture, the Finnish journal for art education Research in Arts and Education (2018-), Journal of Ecohumanism (2021) and Nuova antropologia filosofica – and an ex board member in The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics (2002-2005), Terra Aestheticae (2019-2022), Aesthetica Universalis (2017-2022) and the Finnish journal for artistic research Ruukku (2017-2019).



Realism, Myth, and the Vernacular in Pasolini’s Film and Philosophy: Beyond the Middle Class Matrix (New York: PalgraveMacMillan, 2024).

“Pioneers, Postmodernisms and Aesthetic Experience: A Brief History of Aesthetic Approaches to Rap Music,” with Petteri Enroth, for Richard Bramwell, ed., Cambridge Companion to Global Rap (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, est. 2024).

“Aesthetics of Popular Culture as Everyday Aesthetics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives,” in Applying Aesthetics to Everyday Life: Methodologies, History, and New Directions, edited by Lisa Giombini and Adrian Kvovacka (London – New York: Bloomsbury, est. 2023), 53-64.

“Questioning Heritage,” with Ksenia Kaverina, for Companion to the Philosophy of Architectural Reconstruction, edited by Lisa Giombini and Zoltan Somhegyi (New York: Routledge, 2023).


With Elena Romagnoli, Stefano Marino, Aurosa Allison and Falk Heinrich, “Somaesthetics and Methodology: A Dialogue,” The Journal of Somaesthetics 2023:1-2, 61-107. 

Aesthetic Theory Across the Disciplines, eds. Max Ryynänen & Zoltan Somhegyi (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, est. fall 2023). Authors include e.g. Tyrus Miller, Wendy Steiner, Lisa Giombini, Paul Duncum and Joseph Tanke. My own article “Aesthetics and Cultural Studies” focuses on the relation of these two disciplines. All articles are about the relationship of aesthetics and some other discipline.

A Philosophy of Cultural Scenes in Art and Popular Culture was just (August 2023) published by Routledge (New York). Take a look at the description here and/or buy the book! This is the first book on the aesthetics of scenes, not just a take on what they are, but their artistic impact!

The Changing Meaning of Kitsch, ed. with Paco Barragan. New York: Palgrave, est. Jan 2023 – including our so far richest introduction ever written to the topic, “Kitsch, From Rejection to Acceptance: On the Changing Meaning of Kitsch in Today’s Cultural Production” (with Paco Barragan). Authors include e.g. Kathleen Higgins, Alison Rowley and Andrea Mecacci.

Equipment as Art, Art as Equipment: Notes on Film, Architecture, and Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Culture,” with Petteri Kummala, Contemporary Aesthetics (2023).

Longing for a Place Which Does Not Exist: The Importance of Kitsch in the Estonian Singing Revolution,” with Eret Talviste, The Journal of Baltic Studies 2023/1, 1-23.

A New Twenties: Notes on Instagram and the Return of the Centrality of
Montage and Slapstick in Contemporary Moving Image,” in Popular Inquiry 2023: 1, 27-38.


Bodily Engagements with Film, Images, and Technology: Somavision. New York: Routledge, 2022.

Cultural Approaches to Disgust and the Visceral, ed. with Susanne Ylönen & Heidi Kosonen. New York: Routledge, 2022. Open access here! Includes mine, Ylönen’s and Kosonen’s Introduction.

Aesthetic Perspectives on Culture, Politics, and Landscape, ed. with Elisabetta Di Stefano and Carsten Friberg. Berlin: Springer, 2021. Includes my article “Political Concepts as Aesthetic Concepts,” and texts by the other editors, Katya Mandoki, Margus Vihalem, Mateusz Salwa and Majid Heidari. Includes also mine, Di Stefano’s and Friberg’s Introduction.

Why Preserve? Questioning Central European Ethnicity, Appropriation, and Preserving Buildings; Or, Curating (In) Decay“, with Ksenia Kaverina, Nordic Journal of Aesthetics Vol 31, No. 63 (2022/1): 26-43.

Updating Artes Vulgares,” for the special issue on Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica, ed. Eli Kramer, Eidos: A Journal for Philosophy of Culture Vol 5, 2021/4: 129-132.

“Living Beauty, Rethinking Rap: Revisiting Shusterman’s Philosophy of Hip Hop,” in Jerold Abrams, ed., Shusterman’s Somaesthetics: From Hip Hop Philosophy to Politics and Performance Art (Leiden: Brill, 2022), 74-85.

Well-Construed Examples: A Shy Note on Arnold Berleant’s Environmental Aesthetics,” Popular Inquiry 2022: 1, Special Issue: Liber Amicorum for Arnold Berleant, eds. Madalina Diaconu and Max Ryynänen, 157-162.

“Kitsch,” in Valery Vinogradovs (ed.), Aesthetic Literacy: A book for everyone, 152-153. Melbourne: Mont Publishing.

Highbrow Somaesthetics of Sex,” a review on Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica, ESPES 2022: 1, 171-174.


“Väline taideteoksena, taideteos välineenä: Viihteen ja taiteen välitiloja Martin Heideggerin tuotannon valossa,” [Equipment as Work of Art, Work of Art as Equipment: In-Betweens of Entertainment and Art in Margin Heidegger’s Philosophy], niin & näin 2021: 4, 25-31.

“Can The (Non-)Subaltern (Understand) Rap? Rap as Vernacular Critical Theory,” Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture, 2021/6, 213-229. Special issue: Contemporary Popular Culture and Social Criticism, guest eds, Valentina Antoniol & Samir Gandesha & Stefano Marino.

Is Most Marxist Art (And ‘Activism’) Actually Social Democratic? And if so, what should art (and design) universities do about it?,” Research in Arts and Education 2021: 2, 81-94.

Somaesthetics and Phenomenology – A Handful of Notes.” In the special issue of The Journal of Somaesthetics: Somaesthetics and Phenomenology (edited by me), Vol 7, 2021: 1, 4-14.

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Making Sense of ‘Tropical’ Kitsch.” With Anna-Sofia Sysser. Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol 19, 2021.

Learning From DRE: Teaching Aesthetics and Art Theory to Artists (like an executive producer.”  The Journal of Aesthetics and Comparative Literature, Vol 44, 2021: 1, 27-33.



On The Philosophy of Central European Art: The History of an Institution and its Global Competitors. Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield), 2020.

Editor, together with Riikka Perälä, of the Journal of Somaesthetics 2020/2, Unhealthy and Dangerous Lifestyles – and the Care of the Self, including the Introduction/Editorial (p. 4-9).

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Aesthetics in Dialogue: Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World. Ed. with Zoltan Somhegyi. 2nd editor. Berlin: Peter Lang, 2020. The book also includes my article “Rasa Industry” (95-106), which discusses today’s TV series through ancient Indian theatre theories. Other authors include e.g. Katya Mandoki, Kathleen Higgins, Yuriko Saito and Tyrus Miller.

Elävää kauneutta: Kulttuurin kierrätyksestä ja vanhojen teosten uudelleenlämmittämisestä (sekä muista Richard Shustermanin varhaisen rap-estetiikan kulmakivistä,” in Sini Mononen, Janne Palkisto, Inka Rantakallio (eds), Musiikki ja merkityksenanto (Helsinki: Suoni, 2020), 237-254.

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