z In the media z

This section is about interviews (and dialogues, with me), critiques about my work and other ‘appearances’. I have collected here some pleasant ‘hits’, some old, some new – some focusing more, some less on my work. In some I just comment, in some I talk in depth – and some are just marinal pop-ups.


2016, 2.11, “Urheiluilta: Urheilun estetiikka”. YLE.

2014, 11.6, Porin malli – kuinka tähän tultiin? MUSTEKALA

2010, “Jos taide on hanurista, ainakin on hyvät bileet.” Minervan Pöllö 2010: 1.

2007, Kuha: Tieteen puolesta – fiktiota vastaan

2003, “War in Its Awful Beauty.” Los Angeles Times, 20.4.2003.


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