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STUDENTS in Aalto, go here for the course blogs: Philosophy and Theory of Art, Philosophy and Theory of Art 2 and Authorship and Agency . Students in Tallinn, go for: Art Systems: A Global Introductions. Doctoral students: coming soon.

TEACHING PORTFOLIO: Teaching Portfolio _ 12012022


Image: Here with the teachers of dance writing in Saldus (Latvia), August 2015, at the New Dance in a New Venue festival. With Annemari Autere, Elina Gatjukevica, Luciana Achiugar, Moa Sahlin and Sesselja Magnusdottir.

I am (tenured) SENIOR UNIVERSITY LECTURER in THEORY OF VISUAL CULTURE at the Department of Art in AALTO UNIVERSITY. Most of my teaching is done in the Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) MA program, which is an international program (students from approximately 30 countries), where all the teaching is done in English, but I also teach (and supervise) doctoral students (supervising 4 in Aalto, 1 in Salamanca). I teach philosophy of art, film theory, academic skills, art theory and art critique – and often through theme courses (see e.g. Literary Spaces). I am adjunct professor (/ Docent) in aesthetics at Helsinki University, and in this sense I have a living relationship to my main alma mater. I have supervised 70 MA theses for Aalto University’s programs of fashion, art education, design, and my own ViCCA (se above). I have finished successfully supervising/advising 2 doctoral theses and I am still working on 4.

So far I have lectured in 19 universities and colleges, without forgetting a broad variety of private organizations/festivals (F.I.T., SPACE), all and all in 9 countries – and close to 100 courses. I have good memories from e.g. Lancaster University, Trondheim Art Academy, the Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm, the Academy of Fine Art and Design Bratislava, Riga Academy of Culture, the Academy of Art in Tallinn, the University of Turku, the University of Lappland, University of Brno, Theatre Academy of Finland, and festivals like Exodos Ljubljana, Homo Alibi Riga, New Dance in a New Venue and New Baltic Dance Vilnius.

For a concise list of my courses and course visits, please take a look at the end of my teaching portfolio (link above), which includes a list of my teaching activities.

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