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June 2, Forthcoming, plenary: “Are some of our fears of AI based on category mistakes?” at On Media and the Challenges of Modern Society, at Nis (Serbia).

Keynote: “What the humanities can give to engineering,” (Zoom) at the Indian National Conference on Engineering, IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India, 22.4.2023.


Visiting the podcast of the Finnish Critics’ Association SARV. Petteri Enroth and Matti Tuomela interviewed me and Sini Mononen on research and critique (in Finnish only). Arvostelijapankki-podcast 1/3 Tutkimus ja kritiikki by SARV ( Published 27.10.2021.

10.2021, “Kala, do, yugei ja festivaali: mitä ”taide”, taiteen tutkimus ja taiteellinen tutkimus voivat oppia vaihtoehtoisista (taide)järjestelmistä?” [Kala, do, yugei and the festival: what could “art”, its research and artistic research learn from alternative art systems?], in Taiteen ja tutkimuksen monet kasvot: Käsitteet, käytännöt ja rajankäynnit, Colloquim organized by the Helsinki University and the University of Arts on Art Research and Artistic Research

October 8, 2021, panel Central Europe in the Center of Attention, at Budapest art fair Art Market, with Alicja Knast, Dorota Monkiewic, Zsofia Bata-Jakab and Zoltan Somhegyi

October 7, 2021, “The Invisible Ethnic Nature of the Western Idea of Critique,” in Diversity and Inclusion in Art Criticism (see video), org. by Shine on Critique and Nordicom

Book presentation of my book On The Philosophy of Central European Art: The History of an Institution and its Global Competitors at the University of Warsaw (Philosophy Department), 12.3.2021, 7 PM. (Zoom.)

February 19-21, 2021,The World is a Stage: Back to Rasa Theory, or Can the oldest atmosphere theory in the world help us to understand today’s (and our future) aesthetic manipulation?”, Keynote: 5th at, Marginalizing Futures: rethinking embodiment, community and culture,  the Forum of The Viennese Society for Intercultural Philosophy & German Society for Intercultural Philosophy.


March 6, 2020: “Equipment as Art, Art as Equipment (Notions on Heidegger’s Philosophy of Art and Culture”, University of Tallinn, Department of Philosophy, Open Talk.


October 22: “Sending Chills Up My Spine: Somatic Film and the Care of the Self”. Keynote. Center / Periphery. The Annual Conference of the Slovak and Czech Societies of Aesthetics.  Bratislava.

Invited staff presentation: Aalto ARTS & ViCCA. University of Sharjah at the Emirate of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) 10.3.2019 (staff talk)


December 5-6: “Cute, Ugly andBeautiful Kitsch”  Invited Guest Speaker, Beauty conference (organized by the research project Aesthetics Unlimited), at Roskilde / Copenhagen Universities Denmark.

July 23-24, “New Visual Order: Making Sense of Robot-Driven Cars”. Phenomenology of Changing Life-Worlds: Exploring Human-Machine Interactions at the University of Konstanz (Germany).


May 11, “The Anarchist Banker. Activism, Politics and Visibility.” Appearances of the Political. University of Palermo. Day colloquim with Elisabetta di Stefano, Tonino Griffero, Carsten Friberg, Mateusz Salwa, Margus Vihalem, Rita Messori and Francesca Zanella.


March 23, “The Rasa Industry: Notes on Classical Indian Aesthetics and the Contemporary Aesthetics of Popular Culture,” in Sanskrit Text Conference, organized by the department of world cultures at Helsinki University and the Indian Embassy in Finland and Estonia, at the House of Sciences 23-24.3.2018.


Talk on the future of museums (is there a future?), “Ceci n’est pas une Musee”, at Mériam Korichi’s event Nigh of Philosophy 2 at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki (here’s the PDF for the event).

March 21, “Hegel’s Pipe: Magritte, memes and weak thinking” in Dank Contemporarinites (on post internet art). Org. Dept of Art at Aalto University / Juuso Tervo. Talk and 2 panel discussions. Video here.


Sept 29, “Rock me Amadeus. On the highbrow appropriation of lowbrow culture,” (Keynote) in Fin-de-siecle Popular Culture in the Baltics, Sept 29 – Oct 1, org. by the Institute of Folklore of the University of Latvia (site: National Library of Latvia, Riga)

Feb 2016. In the Jury for the dance film competition 60secondsdance (Helsinki).


May 27-29. In the Jury for the Köler Prize of contemporary art at EKKM, Tallinn Estonia


May 11-12. 2 talks at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw: “Margins of Modern Aesthetics” and “New Laokoon”


May 13, “Philosophical Notes on the Role of Dramaturgy Today.” New Dramaturgy, New Dramaturg, Nova Drama Festival, Theatre Institute BratislavaSlovakia


May 10, “Throwing the Body into Fight. Reflection on the Body as Instrument in Arts”, New Baltic Dance Festival / Ne[w]kritikaVilniusLithuania

October 30, “Elävä/kuollut: Venetsian zombie-estetiikkaa” (Living/Dead: The Zombie Aesthetics of Venice), Lahti / International Institute of Applied Aesthetics


March 19-21. “The Producers” (On advising MA and PhD theses in art schools.) Keynote.
Art * Eros * Education at Aalto University, School of Art, Design, and Architecture. Helsinki, Finland.


November 29, “Art Museums as Mass Culture.” Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava (Slovakia).

November 17-18 ‘House commentator’ & final roundup at Touring in Scandinavia and the Baltics – Bridging regional and international perspectives. Coordinators/moderators: Johanna Hammarberg & Martina Marti. Org.: Baltic Circle Theatre Festival, Helsinki, Finland.

October 12-13 “Institutional Stress. Art in the age of education, networking, communication and administration – and a roadmap for emancipation.”
Panel with Paco Barragán (Artpulse), Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (Finnish Museum of Photography), GILFER, etc. New Rules of Art Policy and Other Fantasies. FRAME fund, Helsinki, Finland.

October 11. Tanssiteatteri ERI: ERI-klubi. Teema: Punakone. Luento: (Jääkiekon) yhteispelin kauneus.


October 22-23 “No wipeouts, no real reward? Against (mainstream) camp. Or camp against the professional.” Keynote. 2 panels including Ondrej Herec, Ewa Golebiowska, Marek Brieska, Veronika Burian, Petr Skala, and Johanna Bilak. KUPÉ 6. Qualitative criteria of design in the centre and on the periphery. Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia.

April 28-29. ”Art vs. mass culture. The lost case of the yellow press.”
Panel with Åsa Nacking (Kunsthalle Lund), Joan Müller (Kunstverein Düsseldorf) & Marianne Heier. Mod. Jonas Ekeberg.
Siting the Position of the KunsthalleKunstnernes husOslo, Norway.


April 5. “Contemporary networking, contemporary self-management – or contemporary art?” IHME 2009Helsinki, Session “What is good art? What is expertise?”
Panel with Bartomeu Marí (MACBA Barcelona), Olle Granath (Royal Swedish Academy of Arts), Maija Tanninen-Mattila (Ateneum) and Otso Kantokorpi.


March 11. ”Estetiska debatter i ishockeyvärlden” (Aesthetic debates in the world of ice hockey.) University of UppsalaDepartment of Philosophy / Aesthetics, Research Seminar

March 7. “Pinkkiä posliinia. Huonon maun historiaa ja nykypäivää”
Studia Generalia, Kuka mistäkin tykkää, University of Joensuu & Joensuu Open University.

March 5 “Taideteos kuratoinnin ja verkostoitumisen aikakaudella”
Überkuraattori, seremoniamestari, makutuomari. Kuratoinnin ammatin monet kasvot. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, SKY (Suomen Kuraattorien Yhdistys).

2007 November 19 & 24. 2 Panels at Baltic Circle Theatre Festival with Malla Silde, Outi Lahtinen and Pilvi Porkola. Translitterated and Published in Dramagora (“Loose Your Control and Take a Trip”, “Trends, Fads, and Camp”):

November 23. ”Terrorismin estetiikkaa” (Aesthetics of terrorism.) Tampere Main Library, Philosophy Evening

October 8 “Jääkiekon estetiikkaa.” Jääkiekkoa uusin silmin -seminaari. Tampereen avoin yliopisto.


May 24. ”Kitsch ja camp -näkökulma ARS:iin.” (A kitsch and camp gaze on ARS.)
ARS 2006Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki.


April 20. ”Koons, readymade ja kitsch.” (Koons, readymade, and kitsch.)
Helsinki City Art MuseumJeff Koons Retrospective.

May. Panel with Johanna Hammarberg & Malla Silde. Baltic Circle Theatre FestivalHelsinki.


May. ”Kansanhuvista taiteeksi – eli miten leikkisistä teoksista tulee vakavaa huvia.”
Pori Art MuseumPlay and Control exhibition.

November. ”Aesthetics of Terrorism”. Charlottenburg Art MuseumCopenhagen.  Art and Terrorism colloqium. Org. Charlottenburg & NIFCA, coordinator Khaled Ramadan. Panel with Khaled Ramadan, Sarat Maharaj & Anders Michelsen.


”Korkea ja matala”, Lahden muotoiluinstituuttiKatukuva – seminaari sarjakuvan estetiikasta ja kaupunkikulttuurista.

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