Materials for Students

Texts for Thinking Practices (Aalto) 12.9

1. Akira Amagasaki, “Art Outside of Life and Art as Life

2. Chinua Achebe, “The Igbo World and Its Art

3. Megumi Sakabe, “Subject of Absence and Absence of the Critique

4. Christine Battersby, “Gender and Genius” (Excerpt)

The course blog for Philosophy for Art Practitioners (Aalto) will soon be online and found here (link soon).

Authorship and Agency (Spring 2023) is over. Thank you to all the students for the great discussions! For the ones interested in the course in the future, take a look here.

For the upcoming courses Art Scenes (EKA), Visual Culture Doctoral Seminar (Aalto Doctoral) and Contemporary Theories of Art Research (Aalto Doctoral) the materials will be uploaded on-line soon.

If you are interested in older course blogs (they tell pretty much about my course concepts and something about teaching too), take a look e.g. at the links below:

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